Elementary School

The first year at school is a child’s most important year. To allow children to feel more secure and comfortable in the new environment, school hours are kept flexible for the first one or two weeks of the school year.

The elementary section of PSI offers a learning programme and an environment designed to meet the individual needs of children. The children develop in a caring and happy atmosphere based on the principles of love and mutual respect. The school enables children to see themselves as confident and capable learners. At the same time it views them as individuals who learn and develop at their own pace. Since children learn within the family as well as at school, close contact is maintained between teachers and parents.

Our Programme seeks to assess the growth of children in the following areas:

•Emotional and social development

•Intellectual development

•Physical development

•Artistic and sensorial development

•Conduct and responsibility

•Children are also made aware of traditional values and themes.

Each day begins with circle time. Activities include: talking about weather, show and tell sessions, news from home and introduction of new themes. Student’s birthdays and other special events are also acknowledged.

From circle time the children move to the work period in which learning sessions include simple language and basic number skills are taught. The rest of the morning is divided into story time; include indoor or outdoor play; singing or video time; Snack, snooze and tidying up time. Children also visit the computer lab twice a week to become familiar with the computer through games.

Field trips are arranged regularly to complement study themes. Places visited include markets, museums, parks,farms and the zoo. Trips are organized during school hours and approved school transportation is used. Parents are informed before each event.