Middle Level


The Middle School provides the educational experience that facilitates the transition from the elementary to a high school learning environment. The programme is responsive to the needs of 11 to 14 year old by addressing their intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical development in the early adolescence period. Instruction is offered in a supportive atmosphere which recognizes and values individual differences and fosters self-esteem and personal growth, promoting alongside, the pupil’s ability to shoulder academic and other responsibilities independently and effectively.
Curricular and co-curricular activities enable students to develop responsibility and self confidence, effective communication skills, time management skills, study and the decision making skills essential for this age. Additionally celebrations, physical activities, formal and informal discussions take place as the opportunity arises. A healthy and positive relationship between the students and teachers is encouraged.
Mathematics, English, Urdu, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography and Computer Studies are the focal subjects, supplemented by Islamiat , Art, Music, Library and Physical Education. Upon completion of the middle level, our students have attained a solid base for their higher education and are fully equipped to meet its challenges.