School events

Foundation Day

16th September, the day on which PSI was founded, is an occasion of great celebration, which fosters among the children a spirit of love for and loyalty to the school. The highlight of the day is the cake cutting ceremony. Children are encouraged to express their feelings in words and are asked to make extempore speeches, a trip to a theme park, a visit to the cinema or a chance to watch a play are arranged at the expense of Mrs Ashraf as ‘goodie bag’ of sorts for the children.


The students of PSI experienced democracy by electing office bearers to the Students’ Council. Teachers nominate contestants to represent the three Houses - Honour, Courage and Endeavour. A week-long campaign is allowed for canvassing which ends a day before the election day. After polling, votes are counted in the presence of representatives of the candidates. The newly elected members are handed the flags and badges at the Friday assembly.

The Head Girl or the Head Boy is chosen by the faculty. Keeping in mind the academic record, co-curricular participation, and sense of maturity and discipline of the child

Eid Festivities

A festive atmosphere prevails at the school on this occasion as children don their eid cloths and are served with snacks such is halwa,aloo,bhaji and nan to celebrate in a traditional manner.

Mothers’ Day

This event gained instant popularity when it was introduced a few years back. It is the day on which children invite their mothers to tea at the school premises and take this opportunity to honour them for being a source of inspiration.

Fathers’ Day

The Annual Sports Day, also called the ‘Fathers’ Day’, is organized on the basis of school houses.