Testing Procedure

The PSI testing programme has been designed to monitor the progress and the strengths and weaknesses of each student in all academic areas.

The testing programme comprises of the following three stages

 (a)Monthly Evaluation

Tests are held regularly during the month to gauge the students’ performance in all subjects. End of the month meetings between the teachers and the Principal take place to discuss the performance of each child. In case the child is not making good progress, his/her parents are informed.

At the end of three or four Assessments, result visuals are handed out at the subsequent Parent-Teacher Meeting. These indicate the consolidated scores of the child in comparison with the rest of the class.

(b)Mock Exams 

A full-fledged Examination is held in March to make children familiar with examination procedure. This exercise is also meant to test the teaching skills of the faculty members and to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the school syllabus.

After the Mock Exams, the examination papers, including the answer sheets and a report of percentage scores, are sent home for scrutiny by the parents. Although it is not mandatory, parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s/children’s performance in the Mocks with the Principal and teachers by appointment.

(c)Final Exams

The Finals include oral and written tests, as well as practicals for the senior classes. Prior to the written papers, the child’s reading skill is tested by a panel of teachers. This is followed by comprehension tests related to the major subjects. 

The end of the year result is based on the aggregate of Monthly Assessments, Mocks and the Final Examinations. The objective is to test whether the student possesses the required ability and the necessary skills for promotion to the next class.

The minimum punishment for cheating or for assisting another student to cheat in an examination will be a mark of zero.