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Distinction for O- Level "Literature in English




This young lady's story began when she joined PSI in Pre-Nursery. Treading carefully and confidently on the path her teachers carved for her, in time she became known for her academic skills and fervour to compete. Sailing along the torrent of primary and middle school, she set the sails high for the Olevels. Her story at PSI ended on a celebratory note and we promised her that she would remain anchored to us no matter where life takes her.

This promise was realised today...

Zainab Farid has acquired the "Top in Pakistan" distinction for O- Level "Literature in English" .

We congratulate Mr and Mrs Farid on this one-of-a-kind milestone. We congratulate Mrs. Ashraf for molding these little human beings into such beautiful, humble, and accomplished souls. Her success makes us immensely proud as she continues to bring laurels to PSI!