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Flashback November 2017


IKSC 2017 Award Ceremony

On Wednesday, 1st November 2017, a ceremony was held to commemorate the success of our distinguished gold and bronze winners of International Kangaroo Science Competition 2017. Syed Saif Saeed Alam Grade II and Ibrahim Nawaz from Grade III were awarded gold medals. The bronze medals were given to six students. Their names are:

Haniya Waqar Ahmed IV

Ilham Usman Khalid IV

Mohammad Sahib e Alam Miriam IV

Ibrahim Aziz V

Kamil Faisal V

Mohammad Jeffer Hussain V


Fun at F-1 Tracks

On Thursday, 2nd November 2017, Nursery, K.G, Transition, Grade I and Grade II were taken to F-1 Tracks. It was a fun filled day. The weather was great and the spirits were high. Such trips are always looked forward to by students, teachers and parents alike.

Iqbal Day Celebrations

On Tuesday, 14th November 2017, Zainulabdeen’s grand mother, Ayesha Shafi shared her thoughts on Allama Iqbal’s poetry, vision and philosophy with the students in connection with Iqbal Day Celebrations. The children also paid homage to our national poet by reciting his incredible poems and sharing his praiseworthy ideas.


1st Assessment Award Ceremony

On Wednesday, 15th November and Tuesday, 16th November 2017, 1st Assessment Award Ceremonies were  held for Grades I to VII.The students were awarded certificates, amid huge applause from their fellow students and teachers, in two dignified ceremonies.


Sports Day

The Sports Day was held on Tuesday, 28th November 2017.The PSI Sports Day is dedicated to fathers and is celebrated as Father’s Day. For the parade, all students were sorted into rows of three according to their Houses. There were different groups for Aerobics and Commandos. The event began with the lighting of the torch. The oath taking ceremony took place after which all the flags were hoisted. Then  orange, blue and green balloons were released representing each house and the pigeons were set free marking the beginning of the Sports Events. Mrs Ashraf declared the games open. The students went back to their enclosures. The synchronisation and co- ordination was perfect. Different races from Grade I to X took place, amid cheers from the audience.Displays from juniors, Taekwando and PT amused guests and students equally .there were other events like Tug of War and Parents Races.Everyone was anxious to know which house would win. Courage was announced was as the winner and a roar of cheers, hurrahs and applause erupted from the audience. It was a hectic day, so a heart felt thank you to Mrs Ashraf for announcing the next working day as a holiday.